About the Site


This site is Version 1_2 of the Heartemotions.com website.

Gradually it is being improved and updated. Based on my work with people living with heart problems I have put together some of the common questions asked about their emotional experiences.

If you have any questions you would like included please let me know in the “Get in Touch” page or the Conatct Form link below.

On a personal note, sadly  I have finally concluded my work at the Knox Hospital Rehabilitation  Unit due to the amount of travel involved. It has been a rewarding, challenging and a privileged experience to work at the Unit for nearly 20 years.

I am however continuing to work with the Bellarine Community Health Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit.

Your Input

I welcome any ideas or queries you may have. I also welcome any stories you may wish to tell. I cannot promise to publish them here but I will certainly consider them.

Don’t hesitate to tell me of any spelling or grammatical errors also.

This is not a commercial website nor is it developed by a professional website designer. So there are many features I would like to add but firstly I have to learn how to do the technical stuff to do so.

I hope to add:

- twitter feeds

- a bulletin / message board

- improved graphics

- videos and pictures

- maybe a light hearted section including jokes

If you have any suggestions etc you can contact me here on the Contact Form

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