Emphasis of the Site

The emphasis of this website is on the non-physical (psychological) impacts experienced by people before, during and after a cardiac event.

Although many of the experiences of patients are similar it is very important to remember that we;

 are all different

all have different heart conditions and 

have different life circumstances

As a result everyone’s experience is different.

BUT  many of the emotional experiences are common.

I hope the website helps heart patients, their families, friends and carers better understand the impacts of a heart event on their lives.

Underlying Principles

This website emphasizes  a cardiac event's impact on our total world which includes our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social worlds.

The ideas expressed here are based on:

- practical, real-life experiences 
- my observations while working with heart patients and their partners through counseling and cardiac rehabilitation
- my own experiences as a  heart patient for over 18 years
- the research and information available through a wide variety of sources.

These experiences are combined with theories and practices of psychology and philosophy which I have found to be helpful in my own life and in my professional work.

While the internet is world-wide, many of the references and resources on this website are based on
Australian experience.

Rather than restate information that is already available I provide access to information from reliable, professional and respected organizations such as;

- The Australian Heart Foundation

- The Australian Psychological Society

- beyondblue

- The Black Dog Institute


and credit is always given to these sources if quoted. 

Some more of References can be found in the More Information Page

Note: I have consulted many sources over a long period of time and if I have quoted somebody’s ideas without reference please excuse me as it is certainly unintentional and please notify me so I can correct it . However I hope that is rare if at all.

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