Aim of the site

The aim of the website is to help patients adjust to living with a heart condition.

It is hoped that it will help patients 

- enjoy life to the full,

- lower the risk of future cardiac events. and

- be more understanding and accepting of the emotions they experience.

While emotional reactions to a cardiac event are "normal" they  vary in kind and intensity. 

The emotions we experience after a heart event are influenced by 

our own makeup

- the type of heart event 

- the circumstances of the heart event

- the physical effects of the heart event, and

- our social situation (family, friends, colleagues.responsibilities)

Coping with the Impacts of a Cardiac Event 

Managing the impacts of a cardiac event it is helped by;

  • being aware of the emotions experienced by other heart patients (awareness)
  • understanding why they occur (understanding) and 
  • taking action to reduce the effects. (action)

On this website I describe the experiences of the many people I have met in Cardiac Rehabilitation. I  also share some of my own experiences. This is to provide awareness of what may occur after the event.

I give some understanding of the causes and provide some courses of action that can be taken to help readjust to life after a cardiac event.

I hope that by using the website people are far more accepting of their own (and others) emotional reactions and behaviours following a cardiac event. I also hope that it will help users recognize when they should seek professional help.

Why a Website?

For many years I have presented at Cardiac Rehabilitation Workshops. 

The topics I present are:

  •  "The emotional response to cardiac events", 
  • "Stress and the heart patient" and 
  • "Readjusting to life with heart disease". 

- The sessions are never long enough to cover all the issues that patients would like to discuss

- I have continually been amazed at how many people report how helpful it has been to share experiences and learn it is common to go through a range of emotions.

- Quite often patients state that they wish their partners, colleagues, friends etc could hear the talk so that they may benefit and understand what they are going through.

This website is to help meet these needs. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation

This site is NOT a substitute for Cardiac Rehabilitation courses.

To be able to reduce the risk of future events and to enjoy life to the full, the first requirement is to remain physically healthy. Cardiac Rehabilitation courses are a very effective means of learning how to do this. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programmes provide medically supervised physical exercises and information on such topics as:

  • risk factor management, 
  • heart function,
  • medications, 
  • exercise and 
  • lifestyle changes. 

However often the psychological impacts are not adressed adequately. Hopefully this website can fill in some of the gaps of awareness, understanding and actions that can be taken to cope with the emotional impact of the heart event.

Medical Advice

The website does not provide information or advice on the medical aspects of a heart event. Medical information is best obtained from your medical advisors. In my case I trust my cardiologists and general practioner for information on the physical implications of my heart condition. I also trust reputable organizations (eg Australian National Heart Foundation, American Heart Association) for information. These and other organizations are referred to throughout the website.

I don't rely on alternative medical approaches. So my references are only to traditional medical sources.

There are many websites which can explain how the heart works, what can go wrong etc.  But as everyone's condition is different my advice is to rely on the medical advisor who knows your condition best.

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