Managing Depression

What can Heart Patients do about Depression?

It is important for heart patients experiencing depression to maintain those activities which decrease the chances of a further occurrence of a heart event.

This includes:

- taking medication

- maintaining diet

- maintaining exercise routine

- moderating alcohol consumption

- avoiding non-prescription drugs.

Being able to talk about your feelings is important. Seeking isolation is not helpful in the long term. Talking to a trusted friend, partner or a counselor can help you manage depression and reduce the risk of it becoming severe.

Exercise is a beneficial activity for raising our mood and can assist with the symptoms of depression but it is not a cure.  

People suffering depression should seek medical help and consider the range of treatments available which include medication and counselling / therapy.

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Understanding and Managing Depression

Contents include:

What is depression?

What are the causes of depression?
What are the symptoms of depression?
How is depression treated?
Tips on how to help manage the symptoms of depression Other resources on depression
Seeking professional assistance 

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