Rebuilding Confidence


Re-Building confidence

Patients need to know the real risks to their lives. They need to understand the risks and what they can do about them.  If they are at high risk they need to know what those risks are. 

Physical exercise provides confidence that the heart is functioning effectively. Cardiac Rehabilitation is an excellent way to learn the implications of your condition. Through supervised exercise, patients can learn their physical capabilities after the heart event and any limits that may be necessary.

Education sessions help patients learn the actions and behaviours required to minimize the chance of future heart events.

The education sessions also help to dispel the myths surrounding heart problems (see below).

Cardiac Rehabilitation helps to explain the "new normal" for the heart patient. 

A further benefit of cardiac rehabilitation is the opportunity to meet other Heart Patients and by exchanging experiences learn how other Heart Patients have managed their readjustment. Cardiac Rehabilitation helps put the heart event into perspective.

Visits to your cardiologist also provide an opportunity to get accurate facts about your condition. Keep a record of any concerns and questions you may have and take a copy for your cardiologist at your next visit.

Myths about Heart Disease

Some of the myths about heart disease can be found in the following links which will open in another window

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Women and Heart Disease Myths

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