Wellbeing Phase

After the readjustment and recovery stage most heart patients report that they enjoy life more since their heart event than they did before the event.

Most heart patients are surprised by this. However when looked at more closely it is not so surprising. When we are in better physical shape we feel better emotionally. Improvements occur to our other "worlds" also.


After a heart event most patients (maybe not all) are in better physical condition than they were before the event.

After a heart event patients have usualy had a medical intervention (medication, stent, bypass, valve, pacemaker, etc.) which results in their heart performing better and thereby providing a better blood supply to itself and its other organs.

Most heart patients are:

- eating better

- exercising more

- have lower blood pressure

- not smoking

- drinking less alcohol

- lowering their stress levels


Most heart patients report they are

- more aware of their heart and its maintenance

- more relaxed

- know what to do if it happens again

- have come to terms with their condition


Most heart patients report they:

- have readjusted their priorities

- appreciate life more

- value social relationships more

- spend more time with those that matter them

- spend less time with those that don't

Wellbeing Behaviours

- regain confidence

- return to normal activities

- reassess priorities

- worry less

- has heart condition in perspective

Wellbeing Example

Changed priorities…….

A patient reported that before his bypass surgery he would get home late from his business, was tired, irritable and had little time for his wife and family before he went to bed and returned to work the next morning.

He had a rule in his house that everyone take their shoes off before coming inside. The rule was instigated after they spent $10,000 on a luxurious white carpet. Of course the kids didn't obey this as they ran laughing and chasing each other through the house. He would "read the riot act" and upset them, his wife and himself  before going to bed. "We weren't very happy", he said.

But since his bypass he said, "I don't care much about that carpet any more, I just love being able to hear the kids running and laughing throughout the house!"! He thanks the bypass for returning them all to a happier life.

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