Other Impacts

A heart event not only has a physical impact, a heart event impacts the mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of our world.

Our Physical Characteristics

-       how we are built (our body)

Our Mental Characteristics

-       how we think, remember, concentrate

Our Emotional Characteristics

-       our feelings and our moods

Our Spiritual Characteristics

-       what is important to us (our values & beliefs), and

Our Social World

-       our relationships, who we interact with at home, work and socially


A “heart event” impacts all these aspects of our lives.

Examples of the impacts after a heart event may be:

Physical:        tiredness, changes to diet, weight loss, medication side effects, quitting smoking withdrawal,

Mental:         sleeplessness, concentration, memory difficulties, vivid dreams, confusion, irrational thoughts

Emotional:    weepiness, sadness, anxiety, anger, stress, depression, loss of confidence

Spiritual:       loss of faith, challenged beliefs, questioning priorities 

Social:            withdrawal, embarrassment, aggressiveness, fear of dependence,    misunderstandings from others, caution    

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