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Q. What emotional reactions do people experience after a heart event?

After a heart event people report a range of reactions.

Many people feel:

highly anxious, low, depressed, stressed, panicky, alone, angry, guilty, afraid, fearful, shocked, denial, disbelief, moody, sad, vulnerable, a loss of confidence,

They also report experiencing

 - sleep disturbance, 

- vivid dreams, 

- concentration difficulties, 

- memory problems


Many people report a positive reaction to the event such as:

-       relief the problem has been identified and being treated

-       grateful that it was picked up

-       the opportunity to improve their health

-       the opportunity to enjoy life more

While there are many common experiences after a heart event it is important to recognize that everyone is different. We all have different health conditions, different life experiences and circumstances. So a heart event will have different impacts for all of us.


A heart event not only has a physical impact, a heart event impacts the mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of our world.

Our human characteristics


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