Self Help

Q. What can I do to help myself?


There are many things you can do yourself.

 Some of the actions you can take are:


Physical actions

-       taking your prescribed medication

-       healthy eating

-       appropriate exercise

-       relaxing body and mind

-       drinking alcohol only in moderation

-       quitting smoking

-       managing diabetes

-       managing blood pressure


Managing Stress

-       change your thinking about heart conditions

-       exercise

-       relaxation

-       meditation


Mental actions

-       understanding heart condition

-       get real facts not myths

-       thinking positively

-       relaxation and

-       adequate sleep


Emotional actions

-       talk to others you trust

-       do things you enjoy

-       spend time with people whose company you enjoy


“Spiritual” Actions

-       reassess your priorities

-       become involved in things you believe in

-       help others

-       volunteer

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”    

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