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This information is a summary of the professional, business and educational periods of my life.

However heart patients may find the information in My Heart Story of more interest.


I am a registered psychologist with nearly 20 years experience of running Cardiac Rehabilitation sessions at Knox Private Hospital and at other organisations. Currently I run sessions at Barwon Community Health Cardiac Rehabilitation. These session focus on the emotional impact of a cardiac event.

Throughout my professional life I have worked both here and in the UK where I rose to the level of Principal Psychologist in the UK’s Civil Service.

Since returning to Australia I have worked at senior levels at the Victorian TAFE Board, established, developed and sold a successful flexible and online learning consultancy company.

Since undergoing cardiac surgery I have researched and worked in cardiac rehabilitation and am committed to helping people readjust to life after a cardiac event through being aware, understanding and acting on the non-physical impacts resulting from such events.


My early years in psychology included vocational and personal counseling in Australia and the United Kingdom. I went on to train counsellors in Australia and the UK.

While working at the Manpower Services Commission in the UK I was responsible for undertaking research into the classification of jobs for semi and unskilled workers. This was “breakthrough” research which changed the way vocational guidance was implemented. As a result of the research I was employed to redesign the work classification system and implement a computerized careers database especially for this sector of the work force. This system is still in use in Europe today.

Becoming involved in technology in the early days led me to becoming the head of technology for the UK’s Open Tech College, where I introduced the use of technology systems to make education and training more widely accessible.

I returned to Australia at the invitation of the Victorian Government to become head of Telematics at TAFE Victoria where I introduced the concept of Open Learning.

From here I went on to establish my own businesses, Online Learning Australia and Creative Informatics Pty Ltd.  The company was listed in the Business Review Weekly's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for three years. 

Cardiac Psychologist

After undergoing a coronary artery bypass operation in 1995 I restructured my businesses ready for selling.  This was achieved in 2005. Since that time I have been retired except for the work I do in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

I have presented at various conferences both here and overseas and am currently establishing a website dedicated to issues regarding the non-physical impacts of heart disease and other cardiac conditions.

As well as my counselling and psychological expertise, I am able to build on my business, travel and management expertise. However the experiences I have had as a heart patient enables me to “walk the talk” and enables me to gain patient’s confidence quickly and effectively.


Bachelor of Arts  Monash University (Graduated 1971)

Master of Science (Psychology) University of London (Graduated 1989)

Professional Registration

 I am currently registered as a Psychologist (General Registration) at the Psychology Board of Australia.

I was a long term menber of and now retired from both

- The British Psychological Society and

- The Australian  Psychological Society

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