Thank You's


My wife and two sons have been wonderful in assisting me readjust to life with my heart issues. Our two sons were very young (10 and 9) when I had my first event. Since that time they have grown up and gone on with life and now living away from home. They have always been around and supportive when I needed it.

Like most heart patients I feel guilty for putting you through all the disruption and worry and I greatly appreciate your smiling faces and supportive words.

Nurses & Cardiac staff

A special thanks to Sue who chatted to me on my admission to hospital the first time. I was a scared man and it was her reassurance that helped me get through the next few weeks of surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. I have the great pleasure of now working with her in Cardiac Rehabilitation and often hear her chatting to patients in the same manner as she did with me all those years ago. Her consistent caring and professional expertise have helped many people over the years readjust to living with a heart condition.

To the many other cardiac staff who have cared for me and to those I have had the honor to  have worked with over the years, I also say a big “thank you”.

Cardiologists, Surgeons, Doctors.

I have admiration for my cardiologist of 20 years. His expertise is well known. I have appreciated his tolerance of my questions, insecurity, search for understanding and at times need to understand the necessity for the treatment he is recommending. Our relationship was not off to a good start when I insisted on a “second opinion” in the emergency ward and also my need to consider undergoing the bypass over the weekend after he had already assembled an emergency team to proceed the next morning.

To all the cardiologists I have attended or had carry out procedures on me, I say thanks. Many patients and I have found that these professionals are uncomfortable with the thank you’s. They often pass it off as “It’s just what I do, it’s my job”. My thank you may be personal but more importantly it is thank you for being committed professionals and ensuring you are the best that you can be in your profession.

I am always humbled by the dedication and hard work of the medical staff at the hospitals I have attended as a patient, as a visitor and as a staff member. It is an injsutice that many health workers do not receive the financial rewards they deserve. It also angers me that they are often criticised if they are not able to repair the damage we have inflicted on ourselves.

 Cardiac Patients

Thank you to the many patients who have shared their experiences in our workshops and counseling sessions. I have been amazed at the courage, humility and willingness to help each other shown by patients going through cardiac rehabilitation. Having a heart event is a great ‘leveller’ but it also brings about many of the honourable aspects of people.

I wish you all well and hope that you can keep healthy and happy.

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