Physical World

Physical Impacts

Our physical makeup includes our gender, our genes, our body type, hair colour etc etc. It includes our physical strengths and weaknesses, our hair colour, height, weight, etc etc.

Our heart event is a “physical event”. Something in our body has not performed as it should for our body to function properly. It may have been an artery was blocked, a valve misfunctioning, a heart muscle not functioning properly or even electrical pulses becoming dysfunctional.

Our body is the core of our being. For us to function as a human our body has to operate effectively. To get back to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle we have to get our body functioning at its best within the limits of our physical abilities.

Our Body

Our body is a complex combination of cells, water, organs, limbs. We all come in different sizes and shapes. Our physical makeup is the result of millions of years of evolution and the most recent influence on its composition is our parents genes.

Our physical make up determines our health, our physique, our physical abilities, etc.

A significant part of our body is our brain. The make up of our brain affects ability to reason, to think, to plan etc. this is often described as our “mind”

Some of the Physical Impacts of a Heart Event

- Tiredness

- Lacking energy

- Soreness (if operation)

- Drug Side effects

The physical side effects can be as a result of the heart event and in the early days of the recovery the physical effects may be from the side effects of the drugs prescribed following the event.

Many patients report twinges in their chest following stent implantation and of course after a transplant or valve operation.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an opportunity to learn about the physical implications of your heart event. 

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