Why it Happens

What Happens

“But it was only a bit of plumbing”  (Common Quote)

Our World

After a heart event our whole world is changed. We have to adjust to this change.

That adjustment can be difficult and take time.

As human beings we relate to a number of  “worlds

To understand the wide-ranging impacts of a heart event we need to consider how our "worlds” are impacted. 

The “worlds" all relate to each other. Impacts in one “world” have an effect in other “worlds”.

We are all different in the way we react to different situations in life. This applies after a heart event. 

The wide ranging reactions occur because our lives not only include:

  • physical world (our body)

BUT also

  • mental world (our thinking, memories, thoughts etc.)
  • an emotional world (feelings, temperament, moods etc.)
  • a spiritual world (values, beliefs etc.) and
  • social world ( relationships, partner, family, status, friendship  etc.)
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