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We don't live in isolation. We interact with partners, families, friends, work colleagues, sports team-mates, club associates, customers etc.

After a heart event the people with whom we have a realtionship are also impacted. The closer to us the bigger the impact.

By attending Cardiac Rehabilitation, seeing a Cardiologist and other health professionals, heart patients learn the implications of their heart event. Quite often those we interact with do not understand the implications of a heart event and often beieve in the myths surrounding heart conditions.

Their misinformation can often impact on them and the heart patient (See Myths below).


Partners also experience the range of reactions similar to the heart patients. Partners face issues of security, uncertainty, confidence etc.

Partners report feeling helpless and afraid of not knowing what to do to help their partner in an emergency or even in day to day living.


Children (no matter what age) do not like to see parent being ill. They also experience a range of emotions similar to the patient and partner.


Friends often do not know how to give support. They are often afraid to talk about it in case of raising fears in the patient. Friends also are reminded that they may be in a similar situation one day.


Work colleagues often wonder about the patients well being and may be concerned as to what the impact will be on the patient’s work capacity.


Associates at the golf or bowls club are concerned on the patients membership, ability, impact etc.

Local Community

Whereas the local fish & chip shop’s business may suffer as a result of the patient’s heart event, the local pharmacists are about to boost their income for years to come as patients take up a new medication regime!

Myths about Heart Disease

Some of the myths about heart disease can be found in the following links which will open in another window

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